PHP Recipe Script, Diabetic, non diabetic android

OPEN Source 100% Open Soiurce
PHP Version 5.6 +
MOD Rewrite Required

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PHP Recipe Script on your site for diabetic and non diabetic or both
  • Loaded with over 12,000+ recipes for diabetics
  • Loaded with over 20,000+ recipes as standard
PHP script, android App, YouTube import


100% Responsive, tablet and mobile Ready

PHP Recipe Script

Key Features
  • Import cookbook videos from YouTube and play direct in app and website
  • Import Recipes from api's and rss feeds
  • Subscription plugin for premium recipes
  • Android APP for users to browse your recipes
  • Admin panel to manage your site and app content
Earning money From ADS
  • Earn money from ADS
  • Use ADS from all major providers
  • Use ADS from any html based ADS Provider

Earning money Subscriptions
  • You can earn from a daily, monthy and yearly paid subscription basis.
  • You set the prices of plans
  • You set plans in admin
  • You can add unlimited plans
YouTube videos
  • You can search direct from YouTube inside admin.
  • Import unlimited videos from YouTube.
  • Import 20 videos in a few clicks.
NOTE : YouTube will always be free to your users on app and website
Selling your content
  • Sell your recipes on a subscription basis.
  • You set price and length.
  • Example : 1 month for $10 or 12 months for $60...or any other combination
  • YouTube API Key for app, Admin and website.
  • UBUNTU, CentOs, Debian
  • PHP 5.6 - 7.2
  • Source guardian loader
  • 1 empty mysql database
  • (Optional) Domain name
  • 4gb Ram
  • 2 core CPU
  • 50GB Storage